Agora is the home of ETHER.FI governance

ETHFI governance is launching now. Start by claiming your token and joining Discourse to engage in the discussion. Delegation and voting are coming soon.

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Live – ETHFI token launch
On March 18th, we’re launching the $ETHFI token and taking the first step towards full decentralization.
Phase 1 – Governance initiation
Over the next weeks, we will be gradually bringing voters into’s governance by launching offchain voting on Snapshot, delegate elections, our security council, and discourse groups.
Phase 2 – Transition to onchain governance
As the community grows over the next months, we will be fully deploying the Agora onchain governor, and granting the community access control to’s protocol and treasury. This is allow’s team and the community to fully collaborate in steering the protocol.
Phase 3 – Full Ossification
In the long run, we’ll work on fully automating and ossifying governance function so that can stand the test of time and last as an immutable protocol underpinning Ethereum’s staking